Do I Have To Take This Forever?

Once you get to your desired size, you DO NOT have to continue.
Let us explain,
Low Calorie/Starving Diets cause you to Lose Your Fat Burner (Lean Muscle).
You need Lean Muscle to burn fat!
With a typical Starvation Diet we tend to lose 10 pounds and gain back 15 pounds!
You didn’t lose pounds – you lost your fat burner!
Please, Stop Dieting.
You are NOT Required To Diet with Liquid Protein.
That means You Do Not Lose Your Bodies Fat Burner.
So, you don’t have to worry about “Gaining It Back”.
Note: Some clients continue taking as nutritional daily supplement. They like the many “side benefits”.


If you would like more explanation of why dieting doesn’t work and why you don’t want to lose lean muscle Email us


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