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"After trying just about every way to slim down, I have to say that Liquid Protein is No Joke! Check this out...I've lost over 30 pounds and more than 5 inches off my waist alone! I have gone from a size 14 to a size 6 sizes! H.A.P.P.Y.!!!! I have more confidence than ever before, I love to go shopping and the compliments about my Rockin' Bod are a definite self -esteem booster! Get some AMAZING results for YOU!"
"The liquid protein from has totally worked for me. I'm down 4 pant sizes and I'm back in to those shirts that I had semi retired in my closet! It's great that you don't really HAVE to exercise or pay attention to what you eat, but if you DO exercise your results happen even faster. Lot's of my listeners have been writing me telling me how much they have lost too. It's totally worth a try to see if can help you lose those stubborn inches too!"
"In one month I have already gone down 2 pant sizes! It really works! You gotta try it – how else will you know!"
"I have lost 5 pant sizes and 55 inches! WOW! No more focus on food! I just go about my day – eat what I want and take a tbs of Liquid Protein before bed I am out of the diet rut – you can be too! Whoot!"
"I get to sleep AND my body is burning off fat! I’ve lost 24 inches and 30 pounds! Lowered my cholesterol levels too! How GREAT is that!"
"Losing inches while I sleep! It’s the “Talk” of the town!Lost the MUFFIN TOP! Easy and it works! Ladies this is a must have! I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and 15 pounds! Natural too – I take blood pressure meds – no worries!"
"“I’m 48 years old, two kids and menopause knocking at the door…And there I was still trying to “lose the baby fat” from 20 years ago! I really thought losing the baby fat was a hopeless cause. I did not want a “diet pill” to make me cranky. Menopause takes care of that! When I heard “just protein, no drugs, no stimulants… ” I knew it was just what I was looking for! Was it ever! In 3 months, I lost 3 pant sizes! The baby fat is gone and I am HOT! And not just because of the menopause!”"
"Seeing immediate changes within the first week was a relief! It verified – it’s WORKING! I am diabetic and it has no side effects. It’s a food not a drug! I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and 28 pounds! Chat with live operator here at no! They have found the slim side too!"
"I was a Weekly Fan of the “Start My New Diet on Monday Club”… Truth be told… I’d spend the weekend stuffing my face with the foods I was really going to miss! What?? Like they would be banished off the face of the earth? Well NOT anymore! You really don’t have to diet or MISS the foods you love! I am excited to be 4 sizes smaller and 30 pounds lighter! Bottom line you won’t know till you try it!"
"At first I thought it was a hoax. I was skeptical. No more! I am down almost 4 pant sizes already! I call it the shrinking juice! Get started Today!"
"I didn’t think it was possible! I knew dieting wasn’t working for me, so I figured why not give it a try. Amazing how I am losing inches while I sleep! Get rid of that junk in your trunk!"
"4 pant sizes GONE! No Diet No Exercise!! How many times have you started a diet on Monday and gave up by Wednesday! Well no more! NoDiet is JUST what I needed to get out the diet rut! Ask yourself this “How well has all these years of starving worked for me?” Stop dieting~ it doesn’t work!!"
"Burn FAT … while I SLEEP?? I’m a believer now! I lost 4 pant sizes and losing more each night! Come join us on the Slimside – there’s plenty of room!"
"It’s true I REALLY am taking it and I really have lost 4 pant sizes! Best part I don’t have to count calories or carbs! Join ME on the Slimside!"
"Having high blood pressure has always restricted my diet choices. Even the “herbal” stuff elevated my BP! My only option left was the dreaded… “Gonna Starve Myself Diet” that was always followed by ”Blew My Diet By Lunch”. So, Liquid Protein was a long awaited solution! I ate REAL food, took one tbs before bed, and slept! That’s it! Dropped 4 pant sizes and lost inches all over! As my co-host remarks “He is grateful for the space!”"
"I have lost 26 pounds and 5 pant sizes – guess how happy my wife is! Stop Starving Yourself!"
"Losing inches and pounds while I sleep is so EASY!! I was skeptical at first, but after losing inches from the very first week - I knew I found the answer! Best part – It’s easy to stick to."
"My life is so busy here at the station. Really there is NO time to diet or exercise! Reshaping my body and losing inches, without being hungry! Pant size – GONE!"
"It’s a simple process that really works and I’m not stuck counting calories and carbs! LOST 57 inches and nearly 4 pant size from my body!"
"Right from the first week, I have already lost almost 2 pant size! Gotta LOVE that! No Diet! Easy – fast and it works – that fits my lifestyle!"
"My work load is enormous! I don’t have time to diet or exercise! This is not complicated – there is no effort - it is easy — Liquid Protein WORKS! 3 pant sizes vanished!"
"I feel so much better about ME! 25 pounds, 46 inches overall and 3 pant sizes GONE! Sweet! No counting calories, no weigh in’s or measuring food! I just love it! I like it over here on the Slimside!"
"I am bringing SEXY back! Come join me! I am losing inches all over- GONE! They don’t live at my address anymore! YAY!"
"It’s safe, easy and it WORKS… even for men like me who hate to diet! 17 pounds and 2 pants sizes down! Testing it with my best appetite!”"
-Major Tom
"I have eaten an entire Field of lettuce! Weeks on end – salad after salad. The second I ate a half a slice of bread= It was all over my thighs and muffin top! Salad diets don’t work! I stopped dieting and starving! I got out of the “Salad Rut”! I have shed 50 pounds of fat and 4 pant sizes! Make the Dinner Reservations! ‘Cause I am looking really HOT at the dinner table;)"
"I just take it before bed and bang… I am waking up thinner! Happy to have dropped 2 pant sizes! It’s making some more room on the PLANET!"
"My belly was the biggest part of me! My shirts where too tight and pant wouldn’t button! I’ve gone from a size 42 jeans to a 38 jeans! Best Fat Burner!"
"Before losing 92 lbs, 56 inches with Liquid Protein, taking pictures was never easy for me… Now, I am so proud to take a picture! I went from a size 24 to a size 14!! My clothes have changed AND my life has changed! I enjoy going out with the girls, weddings, birthday parties, time with my friends, family! Thank you!"
"I struggled with weight loss for years. I even started to contemplate surgery. NOT NOW! I lost a total of 40 inches! I am excited to go to bed! I wake up a newer me each morning! My husband is a diabetic. He is stabilizing his sugar & losing inches! Thanks so much for no diet liquid protein!"

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